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Heil PR20

Broadcast Mic

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Heil PR20 UT

Broadcast Mic

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Heil Goldline Pro Broadcast Mic

The Heil PR20 Proline Broadcast Mic professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement applications which require a smooth flat response over a wide frequency range. The Proline PR20 has a comparable sound to the finest condenser microphone because of it's wide frequency response, excellent transient response and low IMD. Truly a remarkable dynamic microphone.

The Heil Engineers have created a very rugged microphone with superior low handling noise by mounting the very wide frequency response dynamic element into a special sorbothane shock mount system. This low handling noise and exceptional lack of bass-boosting proximity effect makes it ideal for professional uses.

The Proline PR20 achieves it's exceptional performance by using a special magnet structure and a large aluminum 1 1/8 inch low mass voice coil assembly. Special attention has been paid to the phasing plug assembly with equally placed ports that sense audio from behind the source entering them out of phase thus producing a very linear cardioid pattern and reduces the proximity effect while achieving the extreme articulation across it's smooth 40 - 18,000 Hz frequency response. This Heil 'PROLINE' element is usable in extreme high sound pressure levels and is immune to overload conditions as a condenser usually will be. It produces a beautifully smooth audio response without the inconvenience of phantom or outside d.c. powering.

The cardioid pattern offers the greatest rejection at 180 degrees off axis which is directly behind the microphone and creates virtually no off-axis coloration while providing the greatest possible rejection of unwanted audio.

Please note that this microphone is design with studio and broadcast applications in mind rather than amateur radio use. This is a balanced line 3 pin XLR and works into professional mixers, EQ such as the Behringer MX620, Julius Jones W2IHY, etc. Does not include mic cable. Shipped in a padded carry case. Please note that this mic is now produced with a flat black body with a silver wind screen as shown above (not the earlier bronze lacquer body and gold screen). The PR 20 is supplied with a leatherette carrying bag, a mic clip and three metal wind screens (black, silver and gold).
This version in no longer stocked.

   The Heil PR 20 UT Utility Version is the basic PR 20, but packaged by itself, without all the packaged extras. The PR 20 UT includes the silver (only) mesh grill, a foam wind screen, and the mic clip in a padded vinyl zipper bag. Specifications and performance are all identical to those of the PR 20, including 35 dB of rear rejection and a wide frequency range with excellent clarity for voice reproduction. A great value.

This mic was designed principally for studio and broadcast use. It may also be used for traditional amateur radio applications with the addition of the appropriate XLR cable and HS 2 handswitch or the FS 2 footswitch.

Generating Element: Dynamic
Body: Mate Steel body is zinc die cast
Frequency Response: 40 to 18,000 Hz
Impedance: 600 ohms balanced
Connections: Pin 1 Shield ground, Pin 2 + , Pin 3 -
Output Level: -55dB @ 1,000 Hz.
Polar Pattern: Cardioid, uniform front to back discrimination
Diaphragm: Large diameter low-mass aluminum
Finish: Flat Black with silver wind screen
Net Weight: 14 oz.

Order # Model Radio Mfg. Color Code Connector List Price Your Price Order
  CC1-XLR I Icom Blue 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
CC1-XLR K Kenwood/Alinco Red 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
  CC1- XLR KM Kenwood/Alinco Red Modular Plug VIEW PKG Not in stock
  CC1- XLR Y Yaesu Yellow 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
#2935 CC1- XLR YM Yaesu Yellow Modular Plug VIEW PKG $40.00 $34.98 Order
  CC1-XLR Y-BAL Yaesu Orange 8 Pin Plug     Not in stock
   CC1-XLR     3 Pin XLR Not in stock

Order # Photo Model Description List Price Your Price Order
   Heil FS2 FS-2 Dual foot switch plugs into two of the ¼" jack of the CC-1 (sold separately). Not in stock
   Heil HS2 HS-2 Ergonomic 'Magnum' Handswitch. Not in stock
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