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While every voice is different, these guidelines from Heil will serve as satisfactory starting   points for operation. Read the particular transceiver's operating manual for more details. Icom 746/756 Pro, 7600/7700/7800 Set Treble to +4, and Bass to -4. Use COMP Wide/Mid/Nar for high-fidelity, HC-5, or HC-4 (DX) emulation. Yaesu FT-1000MP Series Set Menu 5-9 to 6.0, and Menu 7-7 (SSB-T) to 100-3100 for high fidelity, 300-3100 for DX. Leave Menu 4-4 off, or try selection "3." Note: The FT-1000D, the predecessor to the MP series, does not have any DSP and, hence, no DSP equalization. However, the HC-6's articulation is such that it sounds great on the FT-1000D, still a popular transceiver among elite DX operators. Yaesu FT-950/2000, FTdx5000/9000 Set EQ1 to 200 Hz, -8 dB, EQ2 to 900 Hz, -4 dB, and EQ3 to 2000 Hz, +6 dB, all with a bandwidth of "2." Remember that there are separate "Processor On" settings. Use SSB Transmit Bandwidth menu for high fidelity (100-2900 Hz), everyday (HC-5) operation (300-2700 Hz), or DX (HC-4) work (400-2600 Hz). Yaesu FT-450 Set the equalizer to "2" for everyday operation, or "9" for DX and contest work. Elecraft K3 Set TX EQ as follows: 0.05 to -12, 0.1 to -10, 0.2 to -6, 0.4 to -2, 0.8 to 0, 1.6 to +4, 2.4 to +6, and 3.2 to +10. Kenwood TS-870/2000 Set TX Bandwidth to 3000 Hz, and TX EQ to "C" for everyday operation, or "H" for DX and Contest work. Kenwood TS-480 Set Menu 19 (DSP TX EQ) to "C" for fidelity, Hi Boost 1 for everyday operation (HC-5 emulation), and Hi Boost 2 for DX work (HC-4 emulation). Set Menu 20 (TX Bandwidth) to 2.4 kHz in most cases, or 2.0 kHz for extreme DX work. Note that the transmitter bandwidth will not expand beyond 2.4 kHz. Ten-Tec Orion II/Omni VII Set TX Filter Bandwidth to 2700 Hz, LF Roll-off to 200 Hz, and TX EQ to 0 for fidelity, -6 for everyday operation (HC-5 emulation) and -12 for DX/contest work (HC-4 emulation).


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