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Terk Q
AM-FM Amplified
Indoor Antenna


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Terk AF1 Q AM FM Antenna

The Terk AM/FM "Q" is Terk's premium amplified indoor AM/FM antenna. The AM/FM Q features a host of advanced technologies for exceptional antenna performance, such as Terk's unique Pin-Dot Pre-Tuning that zeroes in on even hard-to-get stations by tuning the antenna to the station's frequency.

The AM/FM Q is easy to install and use and its compact, stylish high-tech design complements any home entertainment installation. The "Q's" Pin-Dot Pre-Tuning uses calibrated LEDs to adjust the antenna to a specific frequency for best reception of individual stations. The continuously adjustable high-power (-20 to +44dB) amplifier can be precisely adjusted via LED display for optimum signal strength for each station. The patented non-coinduction circuitry isolates AM and FM antenna elements from each other for improved reception.

Non-skid base keeps antenna in place during adjustment. Click here for specifications.

The Terk Q includes an AC adapter (120 VAC 60 Hz input to 12 VDC 200 mA output [+]). AM band output is to 300 Ohm bare wine. FM band output is to a 75 ohm push-on F connector. To facilitate radio hookup, a 75 ohm antenna matching transformer is included.

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