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Sangean DRM-40
AM/FM/SW Radio

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Sangean DRM-40

The Sangean DRM-40 is the radio many shortwave listeners have been waiting for. Finally, a receiver that tunes longwave, medium wave and shortwave with built-in support of DAB, RDS and DRM. Yes, DRM!

DAB is form of digital broadcast widely employed in Europe, but not currently in use North America. The European DAB band is 174-240 MHz.

RDS (Radio Data System) is a radio digital information system that was developed by the European Broadcast Union in 1987. Using the 57 kHz sub-carrier of FM broadcasting, the RDS enables you to receive a variety of information such as station name, song titles and traffic information. Many, but not all, FM stations in the United States have RDS.

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is a consortium of radio and electronics manufacturers from around the world that banded together in the late 1990s to create a universal digital system for the AM broadcasting bands below 30 MHz -- shortwave, medium wave and longwave. The system that was created also bears the name of the group; Digital Radio Mondiale. DRM is the world's only non-proprietary, digital system for shortwave, medium wave and longwave with the ability to use existing frequencies and bandwidth across the globe. The result is FM quality sound via shortwave.

And the innovative features do not end here. The Sangean DRM-40 will also include a Secure Data slot for MP3 audio playback from SD cards. This radio also has a clock radio function with selectable radio or buzzer alarm and sleep mode. There is a rotatable AM band bar antenna that can be plugged into the top of the radio. Other refinements include:  USB port, external antenna jack, line and earphone outputs. Operates from 120 VAC 60 Hz or four D cells.

This model was originally announced as the model MP-40. This item is on indefinite hold by Sangean America. Its eventual distribution in the United States is very unlikely.

This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.
This device may not be sold or leased, or be offered for sale or lease, until approval of the F.C.C. has been obtained.

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