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AOR DA5000
UHF Discone


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Do you want to start neighborhood rumors about yourself? Just put an AOR DA5000 on your roof. It may look like Darth Vader's TV antenna, but this is actually a very high performance, commercial grade UHF discone receive antenna covering 700 to 3000 MHz. This antenna employs a low-loss N connector. Antenna gain is 2.5 dB (max.). Overall length is 1 foot. Radials are 5.7 inches. Horizontal elements are 3.2 inches. Weight is 1.6 lbs. Impedance is 50 Ohms.

Very low loss coaxial cable (not supplied) must be used with this antenna. The DA5000 comes with a mounting mast, mast clamp and instructions. Will fit over a mast between 1 and 2 inches diameter.

This antenna is smaller in size than it appears in the photo.
Click here for another view.
Care must be taken when unpacking and erecting the antenna to avoid excessive handling of the horizontal elements.

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