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NIL-JON Super M Base

The NIL-JON Super M Base may have an unusual appearance, but it is a versatile VHF-UHF antenna providing very high performance. The receive range is 25 to 1300 MHz. It may be used for transceive applications at these frequencies:  144-148 and 435-465 MHz. Power capacity is 200 watts and tuning is not necessary. The unique design is dual polarized to provide a big signal at the horizon and out of the valley. Click here to view pattern comparison. The three black elements are between 16.5 and 19 inches. The four ground radial elements are each 23 inches. Click here to view plot.

This Super-M base version includes the NMO adapter and the ground plane kit. The ground plane kit terminates to an SO-239, ready to accept a standard PL-259 plug. (Coax, PL259 and mast are not supplied).

This antenna was also produced in a mobile configuration.


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