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AOR logo AOR DS3000A

The AOR DS3000A is a quality VHF-UHF discone receive antenna covering 75 to 3000 MHz. The small size and relatively light weight design is ideal for installation in a confined space such as an apartment balcony. This antenna employs a low-loss N connector. It is only 2.9 feet (0.87m) tall and weighs 1.55 Lbs. This antenna can be used for for transmit on 144, 430, 904 and 1200 MHz ham bands (under 50 watts).

A 32 foot (10m) RG-58A/U cable with an N plug at each end is included. It mounts to a 0.8-1.5 inch mast (not supplied) with two supplied U clamps. Click here to view assembly diagram [PDF 118K].

(Note: The DS3000A is an American version of the Japanese AOR DA753G and has different connectors).

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