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Par logo Par MON-3

The PAR MON-3 has been optimized for best response in the standard scanner bands: 144-174, 440-470 and 800-900 MHz. Capacity top hats are included for the VHF and UHF radiators to lower the VSWR curve into the 2 meter and 440 MHz ham bands. Only the VHF radiator is directly connected to the UHF (SO239) connector. The UHF and 800-900 MHz radiators parasitically couple to the main radiator. The result is a mechanically simple arrangement. The connector is underneath the main bracket where it is shielded from the weather.

Some monitor antennas make use of the VHF radiator for 800-900 MHz reception. Or even if a separate 800-900 MHz radiator is employed, the VHF section still tunes up on 800-900 MHz. This results in low gain because the takeoff angle is very high in elevation, not at the horizon where it belongs. On the MON-3 a trap tuned to 850 MHz is installed on the VHF radiator negating this problem. The series type feed will allow efficient reception even on the VHF low band (30-50 MHz).

Height:  20 inches. Width:  38 inches. Connector:  SO-239 (UHF). Design frequencies:  144-174, 440-470 and 800-900 MHz. Gain:  1.7 dBi. Impedance:  50 ohms. Pattern:  Omni.

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