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Discontinued Scanners & VHF/UHF Receivers  

AOR AR2002 VHF/UHF Receiver
SR2000 Frequency Monitor
SR2000A Frequency Monitor
Bearcat III Base Scanner
5 Base Scanner
6 Base Scanner
8 Base Scanner
8 Track Scanner
12 Base Scanner
Four-Six Handheld Scanner
Four-Six TS Handheld Scanner
Five-Six Handheld Scanner
Two-Four TS Handheld Scanners
100 Handheld Scanner
100XL Handheld Scanner
101 Base Scanner
160 Base Scanner
200 Base Scanner
210 Base Scanner
210XL Base Scanner
211 Base Scanner
220 Base Scanner
250 Base Scanner
260 Mobile Scanner
300 Base Scanner
350 Base Scanner
20/20 Base Scanner
BC-  72XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-  72XLT RP Handheld Scanner RacePack
BC-  75XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-  80XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-  92XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-  95XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-100XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-120XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-142XL Base Scanner
BC-145XL Base Scanner
BC-147XLT Base Scanner
BC-148XLT Base Scanner
BC-172XL Base Scanner
BC-175XL Base Scanner
BC-200XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-210XLT Base Scanner
BC-210XW Base Scanner
BC-220XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-235XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-245XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-246T Handheld Scanner
BC-248CLT Base Scanner AM/FM
BC-250D Handheld Scanner
BC-278CLT Base Scanner AM/FM
BC-296D Handheld Scanner
BC-340CRS Base Scanner AM/FM
BC-346XT Handheld Scanner
BC-346XTC Handheld Scanner
BC-350C Base/Mobile Scanner
BC-355C Base/Mobile Scanner
BC-340CRS Base Scanner AM/FM
BC-345CRS Base Scanner AM/FM
BC-346XT Handheld Scanner
BC-370CRS Base Scanner AM/FM
BC-560XLT Mobile Scanner
BC-590XLT Base/Mobile Scanner
BC-760XLT Base/Mobile Scanner
BC-780XLT Base Scanner
BC-785D Base Scanner
BC-796D Base Scanner
BC-800XLT Base Scanner
BC-855XLT Base Scanner
BC-895XLT Base Scanner
BC-898T Base Scanner
BC-2500XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-3000XLT Handheld Scanner
BC-8500XLT Base Scanner
BC-9000XLT Base Scanner
BCA Base Scanner
BCD-396T Handheld Scanner
BCD-396XT Handheld Scanner
BCD-996T Base/Mobile Scanner
BCD-996XT Base/Mobile Scanner
BCT-  7 Mobile Scanner
BCT  8 Base/Mobile Scanner
BCT-15 Base/Mobile Scanner
Homepatrol I Base/Handheld Scanners
SC-150 Handheld Scanner
SC-180 Handheld Scanner
SC-200 Handheld Scanner
SC-230 Handheld Scanner
SP-H/L, SP-U, SP-U/T Handheld Scanners
GRE PSR-100 Handheld Scanner
PSR-120 Handheld Scanner
PSR-200 Base/Mobile Scanner
PSR-200U Base/Mobile Scanner
PSR-300 Handheld Scanner
PSR-310 Handheld Scanner
PSR-400 Base/Mobile Scanner
PSR-410 Base/Mobile Scanner
PSR-500 Handheld Scanner
PSR-600 Base/Mobile Scanner
PSR-700 Handheld Scanner
PSR-800 Handheld Scanner
PSR-900 Base/Mobile Scanner
Icom IC-R7000 VHF/UHF Receiver
IC-R7100 VHF/UHF Receiver
Kaito KA12AIR Air Band Portable
Memorex MSB1003 Scanocular Scanner
Radio Shack PRO-84 Handheld Scanner
Sony ICF-7800W AM/FM/PSB(VHF-Hi) Receiver
ICF-SC1, ICF-SC1PC Handheld Scanners
Standard CCR708A VHF/UHF Receiver
Whistler WS1025 Base Scanner
WS1080 Handheld Scanner
WS1088 Handheld Scanner
WS1095 Base Scanner
WS1098 Base Scanner
Yaesu FRG9600 VHF/UHF Receiver
Scanner Legend: Analog   Trunking    APCO Phase I    APCO Phase II    DMR
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