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C Crane EP
AM/FM Receiver


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The C Crane CCradio-EP gives you high performance AM and FM reception coupled with simple operation. There is no clock to set, no station presets to program. All you have to do is push the red power button and turn the dial. There is a separate button for the dial light. The CCRadio-EP has similar performance characteristics as the CCRadio-2. This makes it an ideal radio for medium wave DXing or listening to sports or talk-radio from distant AM stations. The fidelity is enhanced with separate bass and treble control knobs. For very weak stations, AM reception can be fine tuned with a manual adjustment of the built-in "Twin-Coil FerriteŽ Antenna". No adjustment is needed to bring in most stations clearly. This single conversion design is ideal for the AM band listener looking for long range reception. There is an earphone jack for private listening and a line input jack (3.5mm) for MP3 players or other external audio sources.

The back panel features and spring loaded AM band antenna terminal and an "F" type jack for FM.

Weight: 3 lbs. Size: 11.4 W x 7.3 H x 2.75 D inches. This radio comes with an AC adapter (6 volt) or may be operated from four D cells (not supplied).

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