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Icom CT-17
CI-V Level Converter

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R20 CT17

The Icom IC-R20 can be connected to a PC via the PC's RS-232C port using an optional ICOM CT-17 CI-V Level Converter. This allows you to control the R20 from the PC and/or transfer data from the receiver to the PC. Control is provided via Icom's CI-V communication interface. Please note that Icom does not offer R20 control software. Page 88 of the R20 Owner's Manual shows the Data Format and Command Table for those who wish to write their own.

The CT-17 comes with a DC power cord and mini jumper cable (to connect to the R20). The user must supply a serial cable to the computer, a 12 VDC power source and software.

Special Note:
If you wish merely to program (ie. clone) your R20 using your PC, you do not need the CT-17. Instead, you will require the optional CS-R20 software with USB cable. Please note that some items shown in the above illustration are optional.

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