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La Crosse
WS-2315 CH

Weather Station


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La Crosse Technology WS-2315

The La Crosse Technology WS-2315 series of professional weather stations can read, process and display data from three supplied outdoor sensors either through connected wire or by wireless 433 MHz transmission. Features include:
* Display of atomic WWVB time and date
* Indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity display in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
* Indoor and outdoor relative humidity displays
* Air pressure reading in inHg or hPa, absolute or relative
* Detailed display of rainfall data in 1 hour, 24 hours, total since last reset in inch or mm
* Wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort
* Wind direction display with LCD compass as well as numerical (e.g. 225°) and abbreviated characters (e.g. SW)
* Wind chill temperature display
* Dew point temperature display
* Weather forecast display by weather icons (sunny, cloudy, rainy)
* Weather tendency indicator
* Storm warning alarm
* LED back light
* COM port for easy connection to your PC
* All the weather data from the base station and up to 175 sets of weather history data with user adjustable measuring intervals can be recorded and uploaded to your PC.

The WS-2315 comes with: base receiver station, three supplied outdoor sensors, wireless weather station software CD, PC RS232 cable and AC/DC power adapter. The user must supply 3 AA cells for the base and 2 AA cells for the Thermo-hygro transmitter.

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