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National HRO-500
Shortwave Receiver


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National HRO-500

The National HRO-500 shortwave receiver tune 5 kHz to 30 MHz. It has a digital readout to 500 kHz and analog to 1 kHz marks (24 ft/MHz). Tuning at 10 or 50 kHz per main knob revolution. Operations is via sixty 500 kHz bands. Features include:  " Headphone Jack, S-Meter, PBT (0.5/2.5 kHz), Dial Lock, RF Gain, Dial Lamp, Preselector, Calibrator 50 kHz, Mute, Notch, 2 Tune Speeds, AGC Off/On, IF Out Jack, Ext. Speaker Terminals, Line Out 600 ohm, Attenuator (-10/20/30), HFO Output Jack, VFO Output Jack, IF Output Jack, BFO Output Jack. Requires a speaker.

115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz. 16.5 x 7.675 x 12.75 inch 32 lbs.

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LF10 Longwave Preselector Discontinued
WPC-5 Carry Case Discontinued
HRO-500TS Speaker Discontinued

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