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SGC pioneered Automatic Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) more than 10 years ago. The ADSP2 pushes ADSP performance to the extreme performance limits of modern DSP processing technology. Internal IF based DSP is incapable of matching the performance of ADSP2 because it must devote some processor time to other tasks. ADSP2 devotes all of its time to spectral noise reduction, yielding unprecedented performance exceeding that available in top-of-the-line transceivers. SGC has tested the ADSP2 in many popular transceivers, including small portable units, and found significant improvements in noise rejection on every unit evaluated. The ADSP2 board adds two levels of ADSP processing and three narrow band filters giving the user significant flexibility in choosing the processing most appropriate to the conditions.

ADSP2 is supplied ready for installation with only a few simple connections and full instructions for various transceivers. It can be installed by the user in many rigs but the SG-2020 can only be upgraded at the factory.

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