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FM Broadcast Filter

for scanner listeners

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FM Band Rejection Filters 

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Par FM-VHF Filter

The Par VHF-FM is designed to help scanner listeners cope with interference from FM broadcast stations (88-108 MHz). Strong FM stations may cause interference on VHF monitor radios (scanners).

The Par VHF-FM is a 3 pole notch filter designed to eliminate FM broadcast interference especially on the VHF air and VHF low bands. There is an adjustment at the base of the filter that determines the frequency of the center notch. It is factory preset to 98 MHz and normally does not require user adjustment.

The housing has a male and female BNC for input and output for easy connection to most scanners.

The bandpass is 0 to 1000 MHz with a notch band from 88 to 108 MHz.
Minimum stop and attenuation is 24 dB and maximum stop band attenuation is 45 dB.

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