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Qik Zepp

Noise Choke for
Tropical Band listeners

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Noise Filter Chokes 

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The Qik Zepp RECV-CHK-LB is designed for serious tropical band shortwave listeners with an interest in the 41 meter band and below. This filter provides common mode-noise choking of greater than 5,000 Ohms Rs (Resistive Choking) from the 3900 to 7600 kHz (75 to 41 meter bands). This choke maintains greater than 1,000 Ohms Rs up to 17900 kHz (16 meter band). This type of choke is not effective against atmospheric noise such as lightning.

It features low insertion loss (0.2%) with an SWR of 1.1:1 or less (500 to 32000 kHz).

The SO-239 input and output jacks are silver with gold tip contact. The internal transmission line is mil-spec TeflonŽ with silver plated conductors. Please note that this device is for receive-only applications.

Please also see the Qik Zepp RECV-CHK-BB Broad Band noise choke.

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