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DSP Audio Filter

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The MFJ-784B tunable DSP audio filter can simultaneously eliminate heterodynes, reduce noise and reduce interference in nearly any mode. You get five tunable DSP filters, plus ten programmable filters. The automatic notch zaps hets, adaptive noise reduction reduces fatigue and the highpass-lowpass & tunable bandpass filters give you effective tolls to dig out the weak ones. There are two LED indicators. Whether you are a ham or SWL, this device can help you dig out those weak or distressed signals.

This item requires 10-16 VDC at 500 mA (See item MFJ-1312D). 9.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches.

Order # Item Description Price Order
   MFJ-1312D 12 VDC 500 mA [+] AC Adapter Discontinued

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