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Qik Zepp

Broadband Common
Noise Choke

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Qik Zepp (RECV-CHK-BB)

The Qik Zepp RECV-CHK-BB provides common mode noise choking of greater than 1,500 Ohms Rs (Resistive Choking) from 3900 to 32000 kHz (75-10 meters) with a broad peak in the 41 meter band (over 4,000 Ohms Rs). This type of choke is not effective against atmospheric noise such as lightning.

It features low insertion loss (0.2%) with an SWR of 1.1:1 or less (500 to 32000 kHz).

The SO-239 input and output jacks are silver with gold tip contact. The internal transmission line is mil-spec TeflonŽ with silver plated conductors. Please note that this device is for receive-only applications.

If your area of interest is below the 41 meter Band see the Qik Zepp RECV-CHK-LB Tropical Band noise choke.

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