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Apex Radio HPF2050

The Apex Radio HPF2050 high-pass filter is a useful tool for the serious shortwave listener. It is designed to block offensive signals below 2 MHz. It enables the receiver's circuitry to better cope with strong interfering signals that can leak into shortwave band. And while it blocks signals below 2 MHz, it introduces virtually no attenuation above 2 MHz. Click here to view frequency response curve.

The HPF2050 provides additional selectivity to any receiver's front-end by reducing a multitude of unwanted strong signals from reaching and saturating the receiver's first mixer stage. This results in less interference and improved reception. If you have front-end saturation or spurious images of your local AM station showing up on shortwave, this filter may help.

Has BNC input and output jacks. Less than 2 dB insertion loss. Has a by-pass switch. 50 Ohm. 45 x 35 x 25mm. For receive only!

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