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Timewave DSP-59Y
DSP Audio Filter


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Timewave DSP-59Y

The Timewave DSP-59Y uses digital signal processing technology to provide optimum filters for random noise reduction, heterodyne elimination, highpass filtering, lowpass filtering, and bandpass filtering. The DSP-59Y also has a built in RTTY modem. The RTTY modem demodulates received RTTY, audio tones and generates audio frequency shift keyed signals. A third option within Data mode is the RTTY remodulator mode. This is a special receiving mode that regenerates the data tones to send them to an external modem. This filter is designed to be housed inside the popular Yaesu SP-5 or SP-6 speaker. The speaker is not included. You will also need to provide your own cabling and 12 VDC 1 amp power supply. The controls are all available on the front panel. The rear panel has connections for the radio.

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