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The JPS NF-60 Notch Filter removes heterodynes, CW, RTTY, tune-ups and birdies. In fact, it notches out any and all constant or slowly varying tones present in your receiver's audio output signal. Because the NF-60 uses Digital Signal Processing in place of conventional circuits, it can quickly sense and remove many simultaneous tones in the passband while having a negligible effect on the audio signal when no tones are present. Conventional units may employ just one notch filter, but the NF-60's DSP filter algorithm automatically provides as many extremely narrow notch filters as there are tones, simultaneously and automatically removing all tones of all types. The unit operates on receiver audio outputs then provides its own tone free audio from its built-in amplifier to an external 3 to 8 ohm speaker. Full bypass is provided when the power is turned off.

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