AEA PK-232
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Timewave PK232

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The AEA PK-232 gives you six modes including weather fax, Morse code, Baudot RTTY, ASCII, AMTOR and Packet. Two radio ports are featured on the back panel and there is easy HF/VHF radio selection switching on the front panel. The PK-232 makes any RS-232 compatible computer a digital operating system. Only a simple terminal emulation program is required to interface to the PK-232 to your PC. This device features dual polarity FSK and CW keying and PTT outputs. Twenty one front panel indicators make multimode operation simple by giving mode and status information at a glance.

This device requires 12 VDC at 700 mA. Three AA cells are required for memory backup. 11 x 2.5 x 8.25 inches.

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  AC-4 AC adapter providing 12 VDC at 1000 mA. INFO Discontinued

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