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Print Ads 

Universal Radio ads, as they are currently appearing in various print publications,
are available here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Publication Month Expires
Top 80 Items - General Ad [561k] November 11/30/20
Universal Radio-gram [2000k] November 11/30/20
Central Ohio Ham Ad [650k] November 11/30/20
North American Shortwave Association Journal [922k] November 11/30/20
Spectrum Monitor - Yaesu [4093k] November 11/30/20
Spectrum Monitor - Icom [544k] November 11/30/20
ARRL Extra Manual [3370k] 2020
World Radio TV Handbook [5520k] 2020
Klingenfuss Shortwave Guide [4960k] 2020
International Shortwave Broadcast Guide [1170k] 2020

 Prices, promotions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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