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Discontinued Meters & Test Equipment 

B & W 334A HF/VHF Dummy Load Watt Meter
374 HF Dummy Load Watt Meter
Bird 6154/6 and 6156 TERMALINE Absorption Watt Meters
8135 TERMALINE Coaxial Load Resistor
Comet CAA-500 HF/VHF Analyzer
CMX-1 Remote SWR/Power Meter
CMX-2300 Twin SWR/Power Meter
Daiwa CN-101L/103L/103LN SWR/Power Meters
CN-410M CN-460M CN-465M CN-495M Meters
CN-520A CN-540 CN-550 CN-560 CN-560M Meters
CN-620A CN-630 CN-650 Meters
CN-720 CN-720B Meters
CN-720II CN-720IIU CN-720IIS2 Meters
CN-801G/801H/801V SWR/Power Meters
NS-660/A NS-663A NS-668 NS-660P/PA NS-663/PA Meters
Drake W4 HF Watt Meter
WV4 VHF Watt Meter
WH7 HF Watt Meter
Jetstream JTWXHF/JTWXVU SWR/Power Meters
Kenwood DM-81 DipMeter
SW  200 SWR/Power Meter
SW2000 SWR/Power Meter
Kuranishi BR-200 Antenna Analyzer
BR-210 Antenna Analyzer
LDG DM7800 Meter for IC-7800
DWM4 Digital Wattmeter
FTL Meter for FT-857/897
M-7600 Meter for IC-7600
M-7700 Meter for IC-7700
TW1 Talking Watt Meter HF/6M
TW2 Talking Watt Meter 6M/2M/220/440
Leixen N8 Frequency Counter 1-1000 MHz
MFJ MFJ-203 Bandswitch Dip Meter
MFJ-206 HF Antenna Current Probe
MFJ-209 HF/VHF Analyzer
MFJ-217 SWR Analyzer 30-56 MHz
MFJ-249B Analyzer 1.8-170 MHz.
MFJ-259 Analyzer 1.8-170 MHz.
MFJ-259B Analyzer 1.8-170 MHz.
MFJ-259C Analyzer 0.55-220 MHz.
MFJ-266 Analyzer
MFJ-266B Analyzer
MFJ-266C Analyzer
MFJ-269/269Pro Analyzer 1.8-170, 415-470 MHz.
MFJ-269C Analyzer 0.53-230, 415-470 MHz.
MFJ-802 Field Strength Meter
MFJ-815B SWR/Power Meter 1.8-30 MHz.
MFJ-815C SWR/Power Meter 1.8-30 MHz.
MFJ-817 2M/440 SWR Meter
MFJ-841 HT SWR/Power Meter 144 MHz.
MFJ-850 Line Meter
MFJ-853 Current Meter
MFJ-868 SWR/Power Meter 1.8-30 MHz Huge
MFJ-886 Frequency Counter
MFJ-888 Frequency Counter
P3 International Kill A Watt AC Power Analyser
Palomar M827 SWR/Power Meter
M840 SWR/Power Meter
RX-100 R-X Noise Bridge
Power Werx Watt's UP In-Line Meter
Surmen DC DVM 3-30 VDC
Timewave Timewave TZ-900 AntennaSmith™ HF Antenna Analyzer
TYT SF-401+ Frequency Counter 100-3000 MHz
Universal Service KW-4M & KW-4 SWR Meter
Welz TP-05X VHF/UHF HT Power Meter
West Mountain CBA1 Computerized Battery Analyser
CBA2 Computerized Battery Analyser
CBA3 Computerized Battery Analyzer
Whatt Meter In-Line Meter
Yaesu YP-150 Power Meter Dummy Load
YS-60/500 SWR/Power Meters
YS-200 SWR/Power Meter
Vectronics PM30/PM30V/PM30VB SWR/Power Meters
Counter FC30-BT Frequency Counter
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