Ameritron AL-80B
Linear Amplifier

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The Ameritron AL-80B combines a single 3-500ZG power tube with a heavy-duty tank circuit for up to 70% plate efficiency. The AL-80B kilowatt amplifier has been completely redesigned and extensively improved. This desktop linear can double your average SSB power output with high-level RF processing using Ameritron's exclusive Dynamic ALC.

You get cooler operation because the AL-80B's exclusive instantaneous RF Bias completely turns off the 3-500ZG tube between words. It saves hundreds of watts wasted as heat. You get up to a full kilowatt PEP output from a whisper quiet desktop linear. It is only compact 8.5H x 15.5D x 14.5W inches and plugs into your nearest 120 VAC outlet.

You get up to 1000 watts output on SSB, 800 watts output on CW, 500 watts output on RTTY, an extra heavy duty power supply, genuine 3-500 tube, nearly 70% efficiency, tuned input, Pi/Pi-L output, inrush current protection, multi-voltage transformer, dual Cross-Needle meters, QSK compatibility. Frequency: 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160 meters (user modified for 10/12 meters with license). Drive power: 85 watts for full output. You get up to 1000 watts output on SSB, 800 watts output on CW, 500 watts output on RTTY.

Power requirements: select from 14 different primary voltages from 90 - 140 VAC and 205 to 250 VAC. (120 VAC 15 A, 240 VAC 7.5 A.) Weight:  48 lbs. Two year manufacturer's limited warranty. Made in USA. This product is warranted directly by the manufacturer (MFJ/Ameritron). This product is not available for export.

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