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Ameritron AL-1200
Linear Amplifier

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The Ameritron AL-1200 uses a highly efficent Peter Dahl tape wound Hypersil transformer weighing 32 pounds. -- it's equivalent to a 45 pound transformer using standard E-I laminations. You get genuine high current, full height computer grade capacitors with screw-on terminals -- not short stubby, light duty soldered in "capacitors" that can't dissipate the heat generated by high current. The failure of carbon equalizing resistors -- used in most amplifiers -- is the primary cause of filter capacitor failures. When a carbon resistor gets hot its resistance drops, causing more current to flow, causing the resistor to get hotter. This destructive cycle repeats until the carbon resistor opens and causes excessive voltage on the capacitor -- the capacitor can explode. Carbon equalizing resistors can't fail in the AL-1200. Why can't they fail? Because no compromise wire wound SEVEN WATT 50 K ohm equalizing resistors -- not the 2 watt 100K resistors others use -- safely protect each filter capacitor. Plus, the lower value gives you better voltage regulation.

The AL-1200 rectifier board uses diodes rated for a massive surge current of 200 amps -- you can accidentally short the high voltage supply and the diodes won't blow! Will the amplifier you're considering withstand a direct power supply short?

The AL-1200 uses one of Eimac's toughest ceramic transmitting tubes -- the reliable 3CX1200A7. It has the durability of glass tubes and the power dissipation of ceramic tubes. A 3CX1200A7 has the lowest history of field replacement of any modern transmitting tube that we use. It has the ruggedness and power handling of ceramic tubes combined with the long life of thoriated tungsten filaments. If you accidentally drive a 3CX1200A7 with your 100 watt exciter when your amplifier is off, you won't fry your control grid. Besides a long life, this tube is inexpensive and rugged. A single 3CX1200A7 in the AL-1200 delivers the same legal limit as a pair of 3CX800A7s but tube replacement costs are cut in half with the purchase of only one tube -- should it ever be needed.

The UPS shippable AL-1200 also gives you . . . all mode, all band 160 - 15 meters including WARC and MARS, Plus protection multi-voltage primary, Pi-L output tank with silver-plated components, separate filament transformer eliminates poor regulation and surges, adjustable ALC, SSB/CW switch for best linearity and efficiency, operate/standby switch, transmit indicator LED, 12 VDC auxiliary output, 35% safety factor for tuning capacitors and bandswitch virtually eliminates failures, shielded RF compartment, quiet die cast blower has 4 speeds, two illuminated meters show continuous grid current, peak RF watts out, drive power/ALC, plate voltage and plate current, ball bearing vernier reduction drives on plate and load controls, optional QSK board, one year limited manufacturer's warranty and more. Measures 17 x 10 x 18.5 inches. Operates from 240 VAC. Weight 77 lbs. (35 kg). Ships at 88 lbs. in 3 boxes. This product is warranted directly by the manufacturer (MFJ/Ameritron). This product is not available for export.

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