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Icom IC-PW1
Linear Amplifier

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Icom PW1

The Icom IC-PW1 is a 1000 watt linear amplifier with built-in power supply. This state-of-the-art, heavy duty amp covers 160-15 meters plus 6 meters. It features auto band changing, four antenna connectors and three cooling fans. The control head is removable and remoteable. Two exciter inputs are available. This device is built to high construction standards inside and out. The power amp unit is designed for full duty. An automatic antenna tuner is built-in.

The power requirement for this amp is 180-264 or 90-132 VAC (single phase 50/60 Hz). Automatic AC input voltage is employed. Current drain is 15 Amps at 200 volts or 20 Amps 100 volts. Input and output connectors are SO-239. Driving power may be up to 100 watts (60 watts minimum). Size of the main unit is:  13.8 x 11 x 16 inches. Total weight is 55.5 lbs. (25 kg). The controller unit may be separate (as shown), or mounted on the top front panel. Please allow three weeks for delivery. This product is warranted directly by the manufacturer. Freight extra.

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#2925 00-C A[6236] 5200/4000 2700/3400 JP 03/20