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Mirage B34G
2 Meter FM/SSB/CW Amp

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  Mirage B34G

The Mirage B34G may be the best 2 meter handheld amplifier money can buy! Here's why:
First-class strip-line techniques and modular construction -- gives you superb RF performance and unsurpassed reliability.
Custom wrap around heatsink -- provides excellent heat distribution -- runs cool for extra long life. Reverse Polarity Protection -- this Mirage feature can save your amp -- and your pride -- if you connect power backward. Automatic RF sense transmit/receive switch -- make operation easy.
Low input SWR -- keeps your handheld safe from overheating
Individual pushbutton switches -- lets you select FM/SSB operation, receive preamp on/off and power on/off.
LED indicators -- signal On-Air, receive preamp ON and power ON.
You get a free mobile mounting bracket and mounting hardware.

This rugged Mirage amplifier operates multi-mode: FM, SSB, and CW. Unlike lesser FM only handheld amps, the B-34-G is perfect for both handhelds and multi-mode SSB/CW/FM 2 Meter rigs. A built-in low noise GaAsFET receive preamp gives you 18 dB gain -- lets you dig out weak signals. It works with all handhelds up to 8 watts. See Power Curve table below.

This amp measures 5 x 1 x 4 inches. Input and output is SO-239 (UHF) connectors. Requires 12 VDC at 5 Amps.

In = Out

0.25 = 8
4 to 8 = 35+

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