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Yaesu VL1000
Linear Amplifier

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The Yaesu Quadra System VL-1000 high performance linear amplifier covers 160 to 15 and the 6 meter amateur bands. Combined with its matching VP-1000 power supply unit, the VL-1000 is a compact desktop design utilizing rugged MRF150 MOSFETs in a four-unit, push-pull configuration to provide 1000 watts SSB/CW output (500 watts SSB/CW/FM on 6 meters). (RF drive power is 80W for full output). Automatic band switching is provided when used with Yaesu transceivers such as the FT-1000/D/MP, FT-900/920, etc. Three year limited warranty! (Shown above with optional MR-1000 rack).

The huge 190 x 43 mm dot-matrix LCD provides a wealth of amplifier-status information, including peak power output, average power output, voltage, current, and SWR data. Another Yaesu World First feature is the panoramic SWR monitor, which displays before tuning and after tuning SWR information for points across a band, providing you with instant data regarding antenna system performance.

Twin high-speed fans, thermostatically controlled, quietly direct cooling air across the 76 vanes of the heat sink, efficiently transferring heat out of the amplifier compartment. Both the VL-1000 amplifier and the included VP-1000 power supply have their own fan systems with independent thermostats. The VP-1000 is voltage sensing and therefore does not require any transformer re-wiring or switches. It will operate from either 230 or 120 VAC. The AC cord does not come with a plug. This product is warranted directly by the manufacturer. Click here for detailed specifications.

The optional MR-1000 mounting rack with carry handles (shown above) provides a convenient means of stacking the VL-1000 amp and the VP-1000 power supply. The MR-1000 case has been discontinued by Yaesu.

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