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Yaesu VL2000
Linear Amplifier

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Cancelled Amateur Amplifiers 

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The Yaesu VL-2000 is an all solid-state linear amplifier that covers 160 to 15 and the 6 meter amateur bands. It provides a 1500 watt power level on HF and 1000 watts on 6 meters (when wired at 220 VAC). Eight rugged VRF2933 MOS FET transistors, in a Parallel Push-Pull circuit, produce high power output from 160 to 6 meters. Two large fans, with continuously variable speed control, cool the LPF and RF Power combiner, and assure years of silent, reliable operation. It features a built-in antenna tuner with 470 memories. The front panel features two dual function meters. The left meter indicates transmit power or SWR and the right meter shows the ID or VDD. The rear panel has input jacks for two exciters and four antennas.

The separate VP-2000 power supply provides the +48 volts required by the PA transistors as well as all the other required voltages. The VL-2000 is normally powered at 220 VAC, but can be operated at the 500 watt level from 110 VAC.

Yaesu has cancelled the development of this product.  05/23/12

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