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Ameritron AL-84
Linear Amplifier


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The Ameritron AL-84 is a grounded grid class AB2 linear power amplifier that operates 1.8 through 22 MHz. Four 6MJ6 beam tetrodes are driven through an impedance compensating and power swamp network that eliminates instabilities common to parallel tube amplifiers while providing a low SWR to the exciter throughout the frequency range of the amplifier.

An illuminated meter read plate current and voltage. The AL-84 will deliver 400 watts (600 watts PEP) of RF output with 100 watts of drive. It is initially shipped wired for 120 volt 50/60 Hz operation. Operation from 240 VAC may be achieved by soldering jumpers on the primary and changing the fuse rating to 4 Amps. 11.5 x 5.25 x 10.5 inches. 26 lbs.

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