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Alpha Delta

Antenna Hardware Kit

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The Alpha Delta Delta-C antenna hardware kit consists of: 1 Delta-C Center Insulator, antenna connecting hardware, 1 SEP Arc-Plug™ static protector (installed in Delta-C) and 2 Delta-CIN end insulators. This kit does not include the antenna wire or rope. The Delta-C components are molded of high impact UV and RF resistant materials called Deltalloy™. For proper operation of the SEP Arc-Plug it will be necessary to ground the coax shield at the entrance to the building. Your radio may already meet this requirement if your coax shield circuity is grounded to a ground bus, strap, or ground rod through the connector of your coax.

Click here to view a functional diagram.
(The rope and wire shown in the functional diagram are not included).


The replaceable SEP Arc-Plug™ is also available separately. See below.

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   SEP Replacement SEP cartridge for Delta C Not In Stock

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