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Do you need to run some DC voltage up your tower to run a preamp, relay box or power a light? Not too keen on running another cable up there? Then consider the MFJ-4117 bias tee DC power injector. You can send up to 1 Amp DC (up to 50 Volts DC) directly up your existing coax cable to power your DC device. This device is for 1 to 60 MHz and features SO-239 connectors. Size is 2.75 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches. Unlike the MFJ-4116, there is an On-Off switch on the MFJ-4117.

Please carefully note that you must purchase TWO of these.
One is required at each end of your coax cable. One end to inject the DC power and one at the other end to retrieve the DC power. A 2.1mm DC plug (see item #0821) will also be required for each unit.

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
#0821 Philmore 210 DC plug 2.1mm / 5.5mm $0.99 Order

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