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Unadilla W2DU
HF Maxi Balun

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Unadilla W2DU Maxi Balun

The Unadilla W2DU HF Maxi-Balun owes its extremely high power capability to the fact that it contains no ferrite cores to saturate. Even at high SWR levels, the W2DU Balun will not generate harmonic radiation. The internal feedline passes through ferrite beads which prevent RF current from flowing on the coax shield.

The W2DU HF Maxi-Balun is 50 Ohm 1:1 current type balun for 1.8 to 30 MHz. At 10 MHz, this HF balun handles over 10 kW PEP at VSWRs up to 2:1. Terminate to an SO239.

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