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Comet CTC-50M
Window/Door Feed-Through

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Comet CTC-50M

The Comet CTC-50M window/door feed-thru jumper allows you to get the antenna coax into the radio room without drilling holes in the wall or leaving a window/door open. The center core of the flat wire coax is "copper-clad steel" chosen for its strength and resistance to metal fatigue. The film is made of ALPET (aluminum/PET plastic) also due to resist damage due to material fatigue. 25k gold plated connectors are supplied with screws to attach the connectors securely to the wall/window frame. Close the window and screen freely without damaging the coax!

Frequency Range: DC-1300 MHz
Connectors: SO-239
Length: 15.75 inches
Max Power: HF 100W PEP, VHF: 60W FM, UHF: 40W FM, 900 MHz–1.3 GHz: 10W FM
VSWR: <500MHz 1.3:1, >500 MHz 1.5:1
Loss: DC-500MHz 0.5dB, 500-900 MHz 1.3dB, 900-1300 MHz 1.8dB
Impedance: 50 Ohm

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