LDG RU-1:1
1:1 Unun

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LDG RU-4:1
4:1 Unun

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LDG RU-9:1
9:1 Unun

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  LDG Ununs

All LDG Ununs are rated at 200 Watts PEP and are water resistant. They are intended for outdoor use. Each weighs 6 ounces and measure 5 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches.

The LDG RU-1:1 1:1 Unun is intended to help remove unwanted RF from the coax cable shield. It is normally used as a common-mode RF choke for short coax cable runs or non-resonant antennas. The RU-1:1 features SO-239 sockets for both input and output.

The LDG RU-4:1 Unun allows you to connect long wires and verticals to your LDG tuner. It provides a 4:1 impedance transformation, and is useful when connecting long wires or verticals to your LDG tuner. In cases where the antenna is already resonant, the RU-4:1 may be the only thing you need to connect your antenna directly to your transceiver.

The LDG RU-9:1 Unun allows you to easily match an end-fed long wire antenna with your LDG Automatic Antenna Tuner. Connection is made by a 5-way, twist-on binding post; connect the red post to the antenna. A ground terminal connection is available for an optional counterpoise or radial system. The RU-9:1 is intended to match a long wire antenna of 30 - 135 feet, with or without a ground.

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