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Mast Rings

The GuyTie® mast rings provide multiple attach point for guy lines. The multiple attach points minimize hardware and simplify guying. They are molded of high strength polymer to provide both electrical isolation as well as effective wind and weather resistance. The Polymer is UV stabilized for long-term resistance to outdoor exposure. The GuyTie accepts up to ¼ inch guy lines including braided polymer as well as braided or solid wire. They are suitable for smaller radio or TV antennas as well as flagpoles and displays. 50 pound pull max. Available for mast outer diameters from 1 to 1.5 inches.

Order # Model Ref. Mast OD Price Order
  1.0   DIA 2104211 1.00 inches Discontinued
  1.12 DIA 2104212 1.12 inches Discontinued
  1.25 DIA 2104213 1.25 inches Discontinued
  1.38 DIA 2104214 1.38 inches Discontinued
  1.50 DIA 2104215 1.50 inches Discontinued

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