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Shortwave Receivers Past & Present
Communications Receivers

By Fred Osterman.
Here is your comprehensive guide to over 770 shortwave, amateur and commercial communications receivers manufactured in the last 55 years. With 840 photos and information including:  coverage, circuit type, display, features, performance, new & used value, reviews, etc. Over 98 domestic and international manufacturers are represented. High quality glossy paper used throughout. Become an instant receiver expert. Third Edition. ©1998 473 pages.

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U.S. News & World Report
"If names like Hallicrafters, Collins and Eddystone make you pine for the glow of vacuum tubes and staticky voices from afar, this stylish compendium will keep you turning pages and sighing nostalgically."

North American Shortwave Association
"This book is a celebration of all the technology we shortwave folks hold dear. It is the ultimate resource for the shortwave radio lover. There were pages in this book that made my eyes damp."

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