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Simple and Fun
Antennas for Hams

By Chuck Hutchinson K8CH and Dean Straw N6BV
Finally, a no nonsense, hands-on, practical book about antennas! Filled with more than 70 well tested, fun and entirely useful projects 2002 A.R.R.L. List price $22.95.

Chapter 1: Your First VHF Antenna
Chapter 2: Your First HF Antenna
Chapter 3: Facts About Transmission Lines
Chapter 4: Antenna Masts and Supports
Chapter 5: HF Verticals
Chapter 6: More Simple and Fun Antennas for VHF and UHF
Chapter 7: More HF Dipoles
Chapter 8: Dual-Band VHF/UHF Antennas
Chapter 9: An HF Vertical That Needs No Radials--Try the HVD
Chapter 10: Yet More HF Dipoles
Chapter 11: More Facts About Feed Lines
Chapter 12: A Potpourri of Antenna Ideas
Chapter 13: VHF Beam Antennas
Chapter 14: Towers
Chapter 15: HF Beam Antennas
Chapter 16: Getting the Most Out of Your Antenna

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