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Select articles on a given subject are reprinted from the pages of Ham Radio Magazine 1968 to 1990.

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  Vol1 Ham Radio Anthology:
Homebrewing Techniques

One of the strongest assets of Ham Radio magazine was its focus on building. This anthology brings together the most useful and practical advice and techniques for the person who wants to build anything from small solid state projects to beam antennas. The original pages are presented as they were published from 1968 to 1990. List $19.95.
#0513 Vol2 Ham Radio Anthology:
Test Equipment and Repair Techniques

From building test gear to trouble shooting the rig, this anthology of the best articles on the subject has been carefully selected to meet today's needs just as well as it met the needs of its readers in decades past. Includes techniques and devices that work and are easily duplicated and gives today's ham a much needed helping hand at solving equipment problems on their own. List $19.95.

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