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Pocket Ref

By Thomas J. Glover.
Now every engineer, student, radio enthusiast can put over 860 pages of facts, charts, figures, etc in their shirt pocket. There are thousands of updates and many new sections. 96 pages added since previous Third Edition. Fourth Edition 2010 Sequoia Publishing 864 pages. List $12.95.
Order #0000 ..... Discontinued

Thousands of Updates
  • Air & Gases (new)
  • Automotive (new)
  • Chemistry and Physics (updated)
  • Electrical (updated)
  • Fasteners (new)
  • First Aid (updated)
  • General Information 1 (updated)
  • General Information 2 (updated)
  • General Science (new)
  • Geology (updated)
  • Money (updated )
  • Money
  • Pipes and Fittings (new)
  • Pumps and Tanks (new)
  • Steel and Metals (expanded)
  • Surveying and Mapping (major update)
  • Tools (major expand)
  • Water (new)
  • Weather (new )
  • Welding (major update)

Special to this Edition
  • Explosive limits of gases and vapors
  • Stopping distances for auto and railroad cars;
  • Computer ALT codes
  • Blood type distibution in the USA
  • CPR for animals
  • American Sign Lanuage - alphabet and numbers
  • Geographic Centers of the USA and states
  • Postal abbreviations for Canada and Mexico
  • Body Mass Index - CDC, Atlanta GA
  • Fuels and combustion temperatures
  • Flame or material color combustion temperatures
  • Animal names for groups, gender or age
  • Earthquake information
  • Volcanic explosive index
  • Comonly available pumps
  • Weights of cold rolled steel sheet

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