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E.H. Scott ......
The Dean Of DX

By Marvin Hobbs.
During the Golden Age of Radio, the vision of one man, E.H. Scott, continually set the highest standards for radio receiver technical performance, innovation and quality. The products of his company, E.H. Scott Radio Laboratories, were considered status symbols of their day - most with chrome plated chassis, high fidelity sound reproduction and elegant cabinets. Today those Scott radios are some of the most highly treasured by vintage radio collectors.

Here is the story of Scott and his Company as related by Marvin Hobbs, Scott's Chief Engineer from 1939-1947. Hobbs' key role with Scott, his first person recollections, and extensive industry experience offer a most unique and interesting insight into a fascinating piece of the history of radio. This Second Edition is greatly expanded in format and content including a color section and schematics of most classic E.H. Scott sets. This book is a "must-have" for all E.H. Scott and vintage radio enthusiasts. ©2004 Radiodaze. List $29.95. Click here to view back cover.

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