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The Sounds of Longwave

By Kevin Carey.
VLF RADIO! The Sounds of Longwave gives you a tour of the "basement band" from natural radio to aviation beacons, to weather stations, experimenter stations (LOWFER), military transmissions, time stations, broadcasters and more! This CD also includes some historical signals such as submarine comms. This CD comes with an information sheet, list of additional resources, basic LW spectrum chart, and blank logging page. ©2006 Kevin Carey. This CD is a great adjunct to Kevin Carey's book Listening to Longwave.

Side 1
  1. Introduction
  3. 500 kHz Distress Calling
  4. Maritime Weather
  5. Poem - Beacon of Hope
  6. Longwave Beacons
  7. TWEB Stations
  8. Consol Station
Side 2
  9. DGPS Station
10. LW broadcasters
11. Lowfers
12. GWEN
14. Military RTTY
15. WWVB (60 Hz)
16. OMEGA (10-14 kHz)
17. Natural Radio

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