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Microwave Projects 2

By Andy Barter, G8ATD
If you are interested in building equipment for the amateur radio microwave bands, the designs in this book are sure to please you. Projects have been selected from international authors and all of the projects use modern techniques and up to date components. Details of how to obtain ready-made boards are included with most projects. The book includes chapters covering:
* Transverters and transmitters, including two new transverter designs for 23cm and 13cm plus an ATV transmitter for 3cm.
* Receive amplifiers, including preamplifiers for 23cm, 13cm, 6cm and 3cm.
* Power amplifiers, including a detailed design for a valve amplifier for 23cm plus solidstate amplifiers for 23cm, 6cm, 3cm, 24GHz and 76GHz.
* Filters, including detailed design technique for coaxial and stripline low pass filters.
* Miscellaneous, including rare articles on using YIG oscillators and microwave absorbers.
216 pages. , by Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

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