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Stealth Antennas

By Steve Nichols, G0KYA
The first edition of Stealth Antennas quickly became the 'must have' antenna book for everyone who wasn't living in acres of land. This brand new second edition has been expanded and updated and now provides even more for those with tiny postage stamp-size gardens, intolerant neighbors, planning permission problems or living in apartments. Many amateur radio operators are faced with the fear of interference being caused to televisions, telephones, hi-fi systems and anything with a plug on it. In these circumstances a stealth antenna may be the solution to allow you to get on the air or even the answer to your planning difficulties.

From using house rain gutters and drain pipes, or a magnetic loop in the loft, through to a tuned loop around the window frame Stealth Antennas provides a wide range of ingenious antenna solutions. Designs include magnetic loops, tuned wire loops, small verticals, zig-zag loaded dipoles and even reviews of a number of commercially-made stealth antennas. Along with new antenna reviews there are two completely new chapters covering Receive Antennas and Top Band Antennas. Stealth Antennas also includes VHF/UHF antennas. While easier to conceal because of their small size compared with HF antennas, what are the effects of mounting a VHF antenna in the loft? Roof tile absorption is discussed, as are the effects of detuning caused by copper water pipes or house wiring. Here are dozens of original and ingenious ideas for antennas for radio amateurs who might have thought they were radiationally-challenged. Second Edition 2014, Radio Society of Great Britain. 218 pages. Click here to view back cover.

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