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Loop Antennas
Design & Theory

By the National Radio Club.
This small but scholarly book examines loop antenna designs for the medium wave DXer. This manual is a compilation of numerous articles on the subject of design and theory of the loop antenna that have appeared through the years in DX News. This book gives detailed information on the theory of operation, construction and maintenance of a loop antenna. Serves as a enhancement to Antenna Reference Manual Volume 1 and Antenna Reference Manual 2.

Chapters include:
   Multi-Rod Ferrite Loop Antennas
   Roll Your Own! (Loop)
   Loop Antenna Theory and Practice
   Long Wave Converter Detail
   Loop Distortion Why get Skewed?
   Pattern Controlled Loops
   High Dynamic Range Balun Loop
   BFE-C Loop Amplifier Card
   The Hot Rod- Ferrite Loop Antenna
   Loop Antenna Sensitivity
   High Precision Direction Finding of MW Skywave Signals
   High Performance General Purpose Loop Amp
   What's Wrong With Present Day Loop Antennas?

8.5 x 11 inch bound book format. 1995 N.R.C. 79 pages.

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