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Radio Free Europe’s "Crusade for Freedom"
Rallying Americans Behind Cold War Broadcasting, 1950-1960

Richard H. Cummings
From 1950 to 1960, millions of Americans participated in Radio Free Europe’s "Crusade for Freedom." They signed "Freedom Scrolls" and "Freedom Grams," attended Crusader meetings, marched in parades, launched leaflet-carrying balloons, and donated Truth Dollars in support of the American effort to broadcast news and other programming to the peoples of communist-governed European countries. The Crusade for Freedom proved to be a powerful tool of the state-private network’s anti-communist agenda. This book takes an in-depth look at the Crusade for Freedom, revealing how its unmatched pageantry of patriotism led to the creation of a dynamic movement involving not only the government but also private industry, mass media, academia, religious leaders, and average Americans. ©2011 Mcfarland. List price $29.00.

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