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Antenna Zoning
for the Radio Amateur

By Fred Hopengarten, K1VR
Here you will find everything you and your attorney need to know to obtain a permit for your antenna-support system. Don’t let the confusing tangle of ordinances and by-laws keep you from installing the antenna you need in order to communicate effectively! In recent years, many cities and towns have enacted ordinances designed mainly to regulate cellular antenna structures. Unfortunately, hams have sometimes been caught in the backlash of regulatory overkill. This book describes proven techniques and strategies that a ham and his or her attorney can use to obtain an antenna-structure permit (also includes material on Canadian law and regulation). A CD-ROM is included containing case law, customizable forms and additional legal reference material. First edition. © 2001, ARRL.

Introduction: Why This Book Was Written
1: Principles That Will Help You Win
2: The Process in a Nutshell
3: Your Winning Team
4: Basic Preparations
5: Getting to Know the Players
6: Possible Objections
7: Preparing the Permit Application
8: Public Hearings—Your Big Moment in the Spotlight
9: Deliberations and Decisions
10: Now, Get the Permit and Build Your Antenna
11: Awkward Post-Permit Situations
12: Appeals
13: Tower and Antenna Regulation in Canada [by Tim Ellam, VE6SH]
14: Bibliography
Appendix A: The Law
Appendix B: Drafting a Bylaw, or Redrafting a Bylaw
Appendix C: Lawsuits

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