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Antenna Physics:
An Introduction

By Robert J. Zavrel, Jr., W7SX.
Antenna Physics: An Introduction is written to bridge the gap between basic theory and graduate-level engineering texts. Robert J. Zavrel, Jr, W7SX, a well-known author and professional antenna engineer, explains many of the underlying principles of antennas and antenna physics and introduces the reader to the mathematics behind these principles. Note that this is not a book of “how-to” projects, but rather a theoretical and mathematical approach to the topic. Although some competence in mathematics is required to get the most from this book, readers may follow along and understand the concepts without needing to solve the complex equations presented. In later chapters, examples tie the concepts learned in earlier chapters to a number of antenna types familiar to radio amateurs. A.R.R.L. 2016. List $29.95. Click here to view back cover.

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