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Radio On The Road
The Traveler's Companion

By William Hutchings.
This handy reference is designed for listeners on the go. It is a must for anyone who travels. Every car and RV should have one in the glove compartment. Also a handy resource for the medium wave DX'er. This book features:
   15,000 AM and FM stations in the U.S.A. listed by state/city with broadcast format. VIEW
   Extensive separate section for NPR stations. VIEW
   Talk radio is the rage. And this new section includes listings for these shows:  Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Art Bell, Dr. Dean Edell, Michael Reagan, Jim Rome Sports, Matt Drudge, Bob Brinker's Money Talk, Fox News Sports and Phil Hendrie. VIEW
   Major League Baseball and Football stations by team. VIEW

This book is a treasure-trove for the traveller and a great secondary source for AM and FM DXers. ©2002 Arrowhead Publishing 8th Edition printed February 2006. (Please note that this latest edition does not include Canada) 283 pages. Click here to view back cover. List $16.95.

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